The latest Client's Testimonial.  Thank you so much Bruce and Leigh-Anne for doing the video.

Latest Client Testimonial Video in the language of Tagalog.  I helped Rudy sold his 100 years old home in Union City within 7 days on the market.  We sold it $10,000 over asking price and higher than all estimates including Zillow and Redfin.  Thank you so much Rudy for doing the video.  He drove all the way from Southern California to Union City to do the video.

"WOW!" "Amazing!" "Unbelievable!" These were words that our clients used to describe our services.  They are one-word descriptions which resulted from TIJOMANN's unwavering, unbiased commitment to put our clients' interests as our first priority, always.

We sold Pastor and Mrs. Griffin's house at 4% over market value in an As-Is condition within a short time.  They were so happy that they wish I could move to the State where they were going and help them buy.  Their home was sold for $855,000 without upgrades.

Thank you Paul, and Karla for doing this video.

I met Paul and Karla from a referral of a long-time client. We met. They interviewed me. In the process, I listened to their situation and we designed a plan that met all their needs. Thus, we sold the home over asking price while other houses on sale around us were dropping their prices. In addition, we accomplished this while selling the home in middle of the slower autumn months.

We can do the same for you. Call me at 408-547-7292.

Thank you so very much for watching the video and have a great day!!!

We just sold Adrian's home in North San Jose at 22% over the market value within two weeks on the market.  This was done in end of September 2016 when the housing market had entered into the slow Fall season.  

We helped Mark and Gary sold their family home for $1,360,000, the highest in their area. The next highest home sold in the area was bigger and sold for $1,250,000.  It was on 3018 Butte St, Santa Clara, CA 95051.  It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms spread out over 1,308 square feet of living space.  It had a permitted covered screen patio of about 400 square feet.

Tim had helped the Manrique family sold their home in Fremont for $925,000.  It was the highest sold in the area of the same built and make.  It was sold within two weeks on the market.

Tim had helped Paul and Sue bought a home in Fremont and sold a home in Santa Clara. Above is a 
video of what Tim's services meant to them as sellers and buyers.  By the way, the home that Tim sold for Paul and Sue was on 767 Baird Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95054.  It was the first home in the area West of De La Cruz and East of Lafayette that was sold for over $1,000,000 at $1,072,000.

Philip recommends TiJomann and Tim in English and Vietnamese




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